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189 Main Street, Milford  MA  01757

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Tel: 508-381-2360
189 Main Street, Milford  MA  01757

Paint your own Plaster or Clay!

How much does a visit cost?

It depends what piece you pick!  The smaller the piece, the cheaper!  Paint, brushes and otyher supplies are included in the price!

How does it work?

If you dont want to paint a Canvas, paint a plaster or clay peice to take home!  We have a wide variety of Plaster / Clay pieces, sizes, themes and types.  We charge only for the piece you choose. and other materials are included in the price.  You can keep working on your piece for as long as or as little time as you wish!  If you run out of time when a store is closing, no problem.

Do I need reservation?

You do not need reservation to paint plaster or clay.  Just check our schedule online, and look for Open Studio times / dates. Please note that we do require reservations for Birthday parties.  You should book your birthday party well in advance, since we only host a few number of parties during weekends and our slots fill up quickly!

What is the age requirement?

To paint a plaster / clay piece you need to be at least 2 years old.  We strongly encorage parents to step back and just let their childrens show their creative side.